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Club Canine:
About the Owner
Kera Slowitsky, Owner & Operator of Club Canine, is an experienced
trainer, as well as an Applied Canine Behavior Specialist, with recognized
expertise in multiple-dog interactions and aggression issues.  

Many other dog daycares are owned or managed by well-meaning,
but inexperienced people. It takes many years of hands-on
experience to become proficient in managing large groups
of dogs in an off-leash environment. Veterinary, or even dog-training
experience alone does not qualify someone to safely manage
groups of dogs off-leash, since most vets and even trainers
deal only with a single dog or two at a time, and
usually while the dog is on a leash. Always be sure to ask
about the owner's and/or manager's background in dog behavior,
AND their level of hands-on experience with dogs in an
off-leash setting before entrusting your dog to their care.     

Kera personally evaluates every dog prior to accepting them
into Club Canine's daycare program
, and uses positive
reinforcement techniques when dealing with inappropriate behaviors.

Kera also personally trains and works with all staff extensively
prior to allowing them to supervise dogs on their own.

Dogs aren't actually "trained" while they're in daycare;
however, Kera and her staff work with all the dogs to
promote good canine manners and polite behavior.

She is happy to discuss each dog's behavior with their parents,
and she can also recommend the best places to take
group training classes, and/or trainers who specialize in
individualized help for specific behavior problems.

In addition to her many years of training dogs professionally,
Kera has worked in a veterinary hospital, and was also the
Education Coordinator at a local Humane Society. Kera was also on the
Board of Directors of GRRACE (Golden Retriever Rescue and Community
Education - for several years, and has fostered over
40 rescue dogs in her home and now in the daycare as well.
Kera also has a Master's degree in Elementary Education and used to
teach human kids before she switched over to canine kids! :-)  

Kera is continuing her rescue work as she builds Club Canine.  
She is also providing discounted and free services to local
shelters, rescue organizations, and new adopters.
(For more information about these services, please see
our web page titled "
Info for Rescues.)
This is Kera with her 4 rescued Golden Retrievers:  
Molly, Zeke, Kirby and Casey (left to right)