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About Us
flooring to provide cushioning for dogs' joints, and to give them
better traction to prevent slips and falls.

Dogs are
ALWAYS directly supervised
by dedicated, highly-trained & caring staff while playing.

We have
playground equipment for dogs to play on, and lots of toys
for dogs to play with, including "Kongs," rope tugs, balls in various sizes,
and giant Nylabones (for dogs to chew on when they feel like
taking a break from running and playing).

Many daycares don't provide toys or bones because they fear they might
cause conflicts. Here at Club Canine, though, we think it's important
to allow dogs to play with toys, which is why
our staff is VERY well-trained
in how to supervise dogs safely while still allowing toys in the group.

We have an attached outdoor play yard enclosed by a 7-foot fence for safety,
to which the dogs have
access at all times.

In this picture, you'll notice our custom designed "airlocks."
These airlocks not only provide a
triple safety gate system, but they also
enable dogs to sniff a newcomer through the fencing.

This helps us decrease the overall excitement level prior to
letting a new dog into the playroom, which is much safer for everyone.

In our lobby, we have two giant viewing windows.

These windows allow clients to watch their dogs playing at any time
without the distorted images or blind spots of most web-cam systems.

As you can see, dogs love to look out the viewing window too!
They probably just want to catch the first glimpse of the next friend
coming in to play with them!
opened it's doors at
on Sept. 5, 2006.  
Doors opened at
our new location on
Dec. 9th, 2013
picture of dogs playing on cube toy in playroom at club canine doggie daycare and boarding facility
picture of 3 dogs playing tug of war at club canine doggie daycare and boarding facility