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Club Canine:
Baths & Nail Trims
Club Canine offers bathing and nail trims that can
be performed during your dog's fun day at daycare!  
Dogs will play all morning, get their bath
in the afternoon, and then play a little more until
picked up at the end of the day.  
(The best part is that your dog receives
these services at a place they know,
and by people they already love!)  

FYI:  The “quick” is the blood supply to the nail,
and in dogs it grows out WITH the nail.  If nails are NOT
trimmed regularly, then the quick will stay long.  If nails
ARE trimmed regularly, then the quick starts to recede.  
(This allows the nails to be clipped shorter over time.)

We limit the number of baths and nails we do
each day, so if you have a certain day you
know you’ll need this  service, please be
sure to book early to ensure we can fit you in.
Basic bath is $20 (or 1 day off daycare pkg.)  
We'll give your dog a bath using gentle oatmeal
shampoo. Then we'll towel him off and blow him dry
using a cool-air dryer until he's just damp.  
(We won’t be able to get dogs completely dry
because we decided against using cage dryers.)

Nail trim is $10 (or 1/2 day off daycare pkg.)
We’ll take off as much as we can, but depending
on the length of the “quick” (see below), we
may only be able to safely take off the tips.