Club Canine:
Yappy Hour
You and your humans are welcome to come
play together on the
1st AND 3rd Fridays
of each month from 6:30 - 8 pm.
 You can
all socialize and have a great time,
no matter what the weather is like outside!

(NO early-birds please!!)

All you need to bring with you are your dog's
vaccination records (see below for details),
and our short Yappy Hour Registration form.

If you are NOT a regular daycare client,
then there is a
$5 per dog entrance fee
(cash only, please)

Please click HERE to download the
Yappy Hour Registration form

(Note: If you plan to have your dog participate in
daycare or boarding at some point, please fill out the
Registration & Contract forms instead.)
Please be aware that Yappy Hour is
similar to a dog park atmosphere, with
20-30 dogs playing and running
around in a single large indoor area.  

Please also note that while Kera and staff
are usually present during Yappy Hour,
we do NOT evaluate dogs prior to Yappy
Hour attendance like we do for daycare.

It is up to YOU, the individual dog
parents, to supervise and monitor
your own dogs - just as you
would do at any dog-park!

If you're not sure if your dog is a good candidate
for this kind of environment, please call ahead and
talk to Kera prior to attending for the first time.

Yappy Hour Rules:

* Dogs must be in good health and free from parasites.

* Dogs and puppies over 10 weeks old are welcome to
attend, however we ask that anyone with puppies under 4
months of age, or under 20 pounds please call ahead and
speak with Kera prior to the first visit.

* Dogs over 6 months of age must be spayed or neutered

* Dogs must be current on vaccinations per your
Veterinarian's protocols based on your dog or puppy's age.
* This includes:  Rabies;  Distemper/Parvo;  and
Bordetella ("Kennel Cough").
Note:  Bordetella must be updated every 6 months.

* All vaccination records must be on file at Club Canine.  
You may bring them in, or have your Vet fax
them to us directly at:  
(317) 569-1391.

* Please do not bring your dog if he/she is
exhibiting any of the following:
- Coughing
- Excessive sneezing
- Runny nose or runny eyes
- Vomiting
- Diarrhea



* Permission to play is at the discretion of the
supervisor for each session.   We reserve the
right to dismiss any dog for any reason

* Owners must stay with their dogs in the
playroom the entire time the dog is here

* Maximum of 2 dogs per handler

* Children under 8 years old are not permitted
in the playroom

* Children 9-15 years old must be accompanied by an adult

* Owners are asked to accompany dogs outside to the
potty area, and clean up after their dog with pooper
scoopers, and then dispose of waste in outside trash can

* Inside,
owners are expected to clean up after their dog
with provided cleaning supplies
. There are waste bags,
paper towels and disinfectant for solid accidents, and a
mop (in disinfectant solution) for liquid accidents.

*  All dogs must be wearing a standard buckle or
clip collar.  No choker, prong, or spike collars
are allowed in the playroom at any time

* Dogs must enter and exit the facility on a leash,
however leashes must be removed in the
"airlock" area prior to entering the playroom,
and put on again before entering the
reception area to leave.

* Human food and drinks are discouraged,
however plastic containers are permitted

Owners are responsible for the acts and conduct of their
dog at all times during Yappy Hour.
 Owners must remove
their dog at the first sign of aggression, and must quiet
dogs that bark, howl or whine excessively.

* Close all doors and/or gates behind you.  This is
especially important in the "airlock" areas before
entering or exiting the main playroom

* Quickly move away from the entrance area as you
come in.  This will help disperse the dogs that have
come to welcome you and your dog to Yappy Hour

* Keep your head on a swivel at all times, as there will
likely be dogs running around the playroom.  People
standing are obstructions, so please STAY ALERT!

* You are welcome to sit in the chairs provided around
the perimeter of the playroom.  Please be aware,
though, that excessive attention to ANY dog, especially
your own, may cause jealousy issues, which can lead
to altercations.   It's best not to pay too much attention
to any dog while you're sitting down, and just
encourage them to "go play" with the other dogs!

* You may want to wear clothes that you don't mind
getting dirty or torn.  (Many dogs will jump up on
people, and although we're indoors, there can still be
some mud in the attached potty yard!)

* We suggest that you leave anything you don't need
in your car.  We don't have a lot of space for personal
belongings, and dogs will often grab or even
"mark" items left on chair-backs, etc.  

* Club Canine is not responsible for damage or
loss of any personal belongings
Club Canine Doggie Daycare Sun image
Please note there
is a $5 per dog
entrance fee if you
are NOT a regular
daycare client.  
(Cash only, please)